When we have a period where we are lacking energy or enthusiasm for something, rather than fight it, embrace it.

It is a sign to take a break, do something different or actually do nothing.

The challenge comes when we resist it and fight our own body. That only ends up one way, not being well physically and mentally. We get stuck in a downward spiral of resistance and fighting that leads to becoming more exhausted and on edge.

Our conditioning says ‘soldier on’, ‘keep going’ and ‘don’t give up’…all these are ‘macho’ themes of the ego.

We all need to pause, stop for a while, refresh and take care of ourselves and as soon as we feel it, just go with it, relax and shutdown. While we are relaxing, newness comes and we can then take on fresh opportunities without feeling run down and exhausted. Our light from within shines again.

If only I had more time…

The world is a funny place, you struggle every day and end up sometimes just doing the same things, day in, day out.

Time - Philip Dodson Blog

You get a feeling that your are just living/working and for what? The same old, same old. That’s when you’ve got to spice things up, that’s when it’s time to say ‘stop’.

Life is a short thing, that involves a one off period on this earth and then that’s it forever. Forever is a very looooooong time, like never ending and you ain’t coming back for another go.

So when you find yourself stuck in a rut, working to live, living to work, going around that same old circle of daily/weekly routine, then just stop what you are doing and go do something completely new.

You need a certain amount of routine in your life to keep everything going along, as there is inevitably, a degree of mundaneness to life. However beyond that, then it is up to the choices that we make, that determine how interesting/exciting our lives will be.

You need sometimes to turn your life upside down, throw a bucket of water over your head, jump in a cold shower, run round the garden naked and break the chains off.

We put these millstones around our necks in life, we put them there, no one else and we choose to keep them there and drag them around every day.

So take those millstones off, look at your life and work out what would make you happy. Stop the feeling of being stuck in a rut by trying something new. Even walking a different way to work will make a difference, as it’s often the small changes that make a big difference over time.

Instead of sitting in front of the TV, which apparently the average time spent is 4 hours a day throughout our lives, do something new and exciting. 4 hours!! wow imagine if you chose to just watch only 2 hours a day, then that would give you back 14 hours a week, 56 hours a month, 672 hours a year and 52,416 hours over a lifetime. That is 2,184 days or 5.9 years that you would get back for you to do a whole heap of amazing things.

What would you do in your life if you had an extra 6 years? We’ll cut your TV time in half and you’ll have the time to find out.

Many of us, me included, say ‘if only I had more time’.