Covering up

Whatever we cover our fear with, physically or mentally, it will never go away until we realise that all the things we fear are not real. They are psychological fears created by the projection of our mind into the fantasy that is the future. We create it all in our own heads.

The other thing is, our fears of what might happen, actually create what might happen. We manifest what our thoughts are. What we think, act and do now, creates our future.

If we stay always in this moment, fear can not exist and then we have no reason to cover ourselves physically or mentally with anything.

We can be free to enjoy being and being truly ourselves.


Autumn by Philip Dodson

All forms are temporary, both physical and mental.

Our attachment to them builds our own prison.

Freedom comes when we allow ourselves just to be conscious and accepting of this present moment and what is. When we surrender within and offer no negative internal resistance. We let go and just be.

The seasons in nature teach us that things evolve, flourish and go…however, the complete energy and life of the planet, the universe continues.

The only permanent thing is consciousness.