The path is always ours to choose

There is no right or wrong path.

There is just the one that we choose to take, and we choose every single step, every twist and turn, every diversion, every deviation, every change in direction, every single thing is down to us and our choices.

Even how we choose to react to accidents, bumps in the road, potholes, traffic jams, the road ahead is ours and it always will be, whatever happens.

We choose the next step, the next turn, to go faster, to go slower, to stop and then when to carry on or turn back.

Whatever it is, we choose it, so there is no point in wondering where to go next, just let the flow of this moment take you to it and the choices you make now, not the thoughts of the choice you may take as they rarely come to fruition and when they do the road is different to when you made your decision. So it never turns out as you thought it would so there is no point in over-thinking it, just do or do not.

Take the next step now and don’t worry the path is there for you whatever comes.


When we have a period where we are lacking energy or enthusiasm for something, rather than fight it, embrace it.

It is a sign to take a break, do something different or actually do nothing.

The challenge comes when we resist it and fight our own body. That only ends up one way, not being well physically and mentally. We get stuck in a downward spiral of resistance and fighting that leads to becoming more exhausted and on edge.

Our conditioning says ‘soldier on’, ‘keep going’ and ‘don’t give up’…all these are ‘macho’ themes of the ego.

We all need to pause, stop for a while, refresh and take care of ourselves and as soon as we feel it, just go with it, relax and shutdown. While we are relaxing, newness comes and we can then take on fresh opportunities without feeling run down and exhausted. Our light from within shines again.