We are attached to our views and the mind will want to defend them, as our fragile ego is at stake, it will defend them at all costs, in some cases, people die protecting what they believe to be right.

That is not just our opinions on so-called ‘important issues’, it will be our opinion on anything and everything, we will protect it tooth and nail.

If we allow ourselves to be free from these attachments, we can still voice our opinions, however, without it being a matter of life or death to defend them against opposite views. We can put them forward without a need to defend them, as we accept our self-worth is never derived from whether we are right or not, or how much we defend that position either.

Imagine how much fewer arguments, violence, wars and so on we’d have, if, we removed the ‘violence’ from, defence of, and attachment, to our views.

Right or wrong is a matter of our ego and the level of our attachment to it. Peace comes from acceptance of all views and the letting go of our position of righteousness.

What are we defending?

When we get angry, or defensive, and argue with others, what are we actually defending?

Is it more about being right for the sake of that alone, to win, to be right than anything else?

Is it more about defending our self-image?

Could be that we are more fearful of being wrong, the threat to our very existence almost?

If we paused and thought ‘why am I arguing?’ would we argue as much?