Once you get there

Once you get there, once you make it, once you’ve been noticed it’s easier to get stuff done, make a success and look good. Well, maybe.

One of my favourite people on the planet, OK maybe a little exaggerated, is Seth Godin, who has launched a new podcast called Akimbo, and of course, I listened to the first episode as I love his stuff. I just read his daily blog, which I do most days, and he mentions at the end that the 3rd episode of his podcast is now available. He then adds it’s already in the top 100 podcasts in the world.


And shit, I’ve been podcasting weekly for nearly 2 years and only my mum and a few die-hard freelancers listen. OK, so actually a lot more, but last time I checked we weren’t in the top 100. Umm perhaps my contents shit or I’m missing something, or who knows…maybe I need to carry on getting even better.

The fact is, it is easier for Seth now, but he’s put in a lifetime of creating businesses, podcasts, blogs, books, courses and so on. He’s been blogging every day for a decade, he’s written many best selling books and most of all he’s kept showing and getting even better.

That’s what we all forget, the persistence that is needed to get to that point where it is on the surface easier when you get there, the hard work behind the scenes that no one knows about when a person isn’t well known. Seth will no doubt tell you that he still has to work hard and I am sure he does, but the decades of showing up and persistence brings its rewards and the compound effect means, the rewards get better as time goes on.

So I think the message is, it gets easier over time, but not in a blink, we all have to keep going and showing up. We all need patience and dedication to our causes, whatever they are. But there are no easy fixes.

Being weird and a phone booth in the desert


Today I listened to the latest episode on my favourite podcast 99% Invisible hosted by Roman Mars. The episode was titled ‘Mojave Phone Booth’.

It was the story of guy called Godfrey Daniels who on the way back from a trip read about this phone booth in the middle of nowhere in the desert. This was late 90’s so long before the connected world of smartphones.

So fascinated, he began dialling the number every day to see if anyone would answer as he was not sure he even believed it existed. Well after a month someone answered and indeed verified that it was a real phone booth in the middle of the Mojave desert.

Godfrey eventually found the location and set off to visit the phone booth, which was down some dusty track off the main road.

This was the late 90’s and the internet was starting to catch on and he created a website for the phone booth. To his complete surprise it became a hit and soon not only were people phoning the number from all over the world but visiting it too.

In fact, the number of visitors leads to the phone booth eventually being removed in 2000.

The point of this is. In the world of mass everything, it is often, even more so than in the late 90’s, the weird that attracts people.

A computer engineer can make a phone booth in the middle of the desert a global attraction. He had to be determined and follow his passion for discovering it and then tell others. That is what we have to do with our weird ideas, be determined to succeed and with passion, share them with the world.

Now with the over-saturation of the internet with mass, the only way to stand out and be different is to bring your unique and weird ideas to life.

Mass is not only dull but it’s melting away.