Facing uncomfortable

If we want growth, different, interesting, adventure, to feel life…then we have to be brave enough to face uncomfortable.

It’s by facing the brutal internal truth, by being willing to walk our path despite others, by being vulnerable enough to live the uncomfortable that we become our true self.

We cannot migrate to our authentic self by not being willing to face uncomfortable.

It’s got to be worth it, right?

We do not have a life

When we listen to the repeating internal story we stop, we think, then think some more, we put our life on hold.

We spend time thinking about the past and what went wrong, then we project into the future about what will go wrong. The result, we do nothing.

If we switch off the noise, if we stay conscious, if we focus on this present moment, then we can be life.

We do not have a life, the mind stops that, we are life but can only live it in the present moment.