We control one thing

We control one thing in life…our own journey.

Everything else is outside our control and any attempt to control someone or something else is a futility.

No one likes to be controlled by others and when we attempt it, it is simply manipulation.

We spend endless energy on attempting to control things that we cannot and the resulting suffering for ourselves and the people we try to control is a big part of the suffering in the world.

If we accept everything as it is, if we accept that we can only control our own life and if we let go of the expectation of doing so with something or someone and the manipulation we have to construct to do so, then peace comes within us and for the others that we are trying to control.

Events, the weather, actions of others, thoughts of others, others opinions of us, governments, banks, neighbours, partners, wife/husband/son/daughter…the list can go on and on, are not things that we can alter, so it’s best to just let it go, stop resisting it, stop fighting it and just be and let others be.

Once we get to this stage, we then have so much more energy and space within to concentrate on our own journey, happiness and growth. Our life is our responsibility and other people’s journeys are theirs.

Stop looking

Signs are everywhere, you just have to see them.

To see them you need to stop looking for what you do not have and be grateful for what you already have. A position of gratitude and no resistance.

This changes us from a mind-obsessed position of resistance and disappointment searching constantly for more to a soul-filled position of peace and calm, awareness and acceptance. No more fighting, no more looking for something to fulfil us.

All that we need we have and all that we need to grow is there if we stop looking and just see.