There is always something wrong

There is always something wrong if you look for it. Especially if this is the filter that your mind uses.

Looking for something wrong yields wrong-doing always and that wrong enables our mind to react, complain, it allows our ego to be justified. It makes us feel superior, that is what the ego needs in its vulnerable state.

Yet, the pointing out or reacting to things that are wrong, and that is ‘wrong’ only in our minds, doesn’t make anyone else feel good. Interestingly though, the person who suffers most is the person who seeks the wrong-doing and does the pointing out, as they are the ones that are doing the judging. A judgement of others is, in fact, a judgement of ourselves.

It is a reflection of our own discontentment that leads us to manifest that in criticism of other people’s behaviour, with the hope, that catching others misdemeanours or mistakes somehow will elevate us above them and brings salvation to us.

The insecurity of the ego leads to continued pain and suffering, do not look for right or wrong in ourselves or others, accept them and ourselves for what we are and do not form opinions or judgements. This way there is peace within and within our relationships with others.

Looking for the worst

We look for the worst in others by default and then wonder why we feel insecure? We judge others, when in fact, it is a judgement of ourselves.

Perhaps our collective and individual self-confidence would be hugely improved if we only looked for the good in others and accept what is and people for what they are? We may communicate and get on so much better.

Then we might only look for the best in ourselves too and feel better.

It is all a choice, but surely better to look for the good in others and ourselves.