Trying to avoid life

we often look for the complicated, we seek the problems, we build obstacles, we look for elaborate get outs, we find ways to not show up, we seek approval or permission to stop us from starting, we look for others to seek avoidance with, we, in fact, do anything to avoid our lives.

Then we say ‘life’s too short’ or ‘if only I had more time’ or ‘you only live once’ and so on.

Our life is right now, just enjoy this moment and do something without thinking or do nothing at all, either, and it doesn’t matter, but we could choose to avoid spending every moment trying to avoid life and instead live it.

The big wait

Also known as most of our lives.

Waiting to do something, waiting to be somewhere else, waiting for permission, waiting for others, waiting for more money, waiting for the right time…just waiting.

Insane, isn’t it.

Permanently at the red light, waiting for it to magically turn green.

Risk is why life is magical, perfection never comes, other people’s views don’t count, at some point we all have to stop waiting.