Second guessing

When we live our lives trying to second guess what others might think or like, we live a life dominated by our mind and we suffer.

If we choose to live doing what feels right to us, what we believe, what we feel, what pleases us, then we end the suffering within and we end the suffering for others too. We are spontaneous and we do what comes naturally, we do not have to keep trying to do what we think will please others.

Just be, just be ourselves, be true to our feelings and live the life we want.

Hit and miss

Everything we do is a little hit and miss.

Sometimes we get it spot on and people get it and other times it isn’t as sweet. That’s life and we could to accept it instead of over-analyse it.

Once we accept that we will not please everyone all of the time, in fact, we only need to please those who really matter and that includes ourselves first, then life flows more peacefully.

The drain for many is the pursuit of trying to please.