Doing the opposite to what brings us joy

We always feel most at ease and peace inside when we are truly ourselves, when we are not wearing any hats, when we are not acting out any roles, when we are not trying to fit in. We feel most at ease when we set our boundaries, when we do not justify ourselves, when we do not seek approval or permission.

Amazingly we spend most of our lives doing the opposite of what brings us peace and joy. We are always trying to fit in, trying to please others, acting out roles, seeking approval and permission and fearing being our true self in case we offend someone.

Madness given we only get one shot at this human experience on this rock.

Just be you and enjoy the journey and the ones who are the true beings will get you as you are and those who don’t, well they have a different journey to yours.

Second guessing

When we live our lives trying to second guess what others might think or like, we live a life dominated by our mind and we suffer.

If we choose to live doing what feels right to us, what we believe, what we feel, what pleases us, then we end the suffering within and we end the suffering for others too. We are spontaneous and we do what comes naturally, we do not have to keep trying to do what we think will please others.

Just be, just be ourselves, be true to our feelings and live the life we want.