Everyone suffers

When we see others and accept them as they are, we then step away from the lens of judgement that is our mind and its ego. Drama keeps the mind fed and that leads us to judge and gossip with others, it feeds our mind but creates fear, division, hate, anger and is toxic to us all.

If we want to see a different world and enjoy peace within and outside, then we can only achieve that by recognising we are all the one life and we are all beautiful loving souls beyond our minds and our egos.

If we are compassionate, we realise that like ourselves, everyone suffers from their mind to one extent or another. We do not know how much a person is suffering within, we can feel it sometimes and when we are away from our mind, we can feel it completely as we are conscious.

All that we could choose to extend to others is love, instead of our mind and its judgement.

It takes a simple step from our own mind and thoughts, and being conscious, now in this moment and choosing not to fight another’s mind, choosing to see their soul, not their ego. Acceptance will always bring peace and resistance always suffering.


The mind needs dramas and when we feed it and energise them, then it will search and create the next one.

Even when we say ‘I don’t care anymore’ we become attached to the story of ‘I don’t care anymore’ and become angry when someone disturbs that.

We can only escape from the trickery of the mind and its ego by simply observing thought and letting it be without resistance, otherwise, the moment we acknowledge it, then the powerful force that is our mind takes control.

The greatest test is to just be, and when we just be and become the observer, then peace and silence is what we experience within.

Dramas are of the mind and involve the mind blaming others and other circumstances, it is a defence mechanism for its fragile ego.

Acceptance removes resistance and observation of thought rather than becoming it is the key to ending dramas. dramas are not others, they are our mind.