Take its course

Let things be and just be…be ourselves. Let our true essence shine out.

The more we try, the more we create resistance. When we force, it creates friction, resistance from others.

When we let go, then things happen and whatever happens was meant to be as it was beyond our control. The universe decides things that are not within us.

When we are grateful for all we have, at peace within, calm and in acceptance of what is, then we realise actually we don’t need the things we think we need.

Let everything take its course and go with flow. What is meant for us comes to us.

Step back

Walk away, step back, let go…leave it to be.

We can’t control anything beyond ourselves.

What will be, will be.

When we do not resist, fight and try to control what we can not control, the universe sorts things as they will be.

Just step back and let life unfold as it is intended.