Regular ‘step ones’

After taking one step, the only way to continue is to take a second ‘one step’. Of course, you can not take the second ‘one step’ without first taking the initial step.

Any progress requires, one step and then another, daily small steps, they take us on monumental journeys.

It is all about the small. Big leaps are scary. So the mind plays up and sabotages, it wants no risk to its fragile ego, so it will convince you to do nothing.

The first step is all that matters, and the continuing series of ‘one steps’ or ‘first steps’ will add up to a monumental step but not noticeable enough to the mind for it to sabotage.

Small steps, done regularly = big leaps

Big leaps = nothing…the mind will sabotage it as it seems too scary.

Small steps are sustainable and become habits. Just keep taking them and enjoy the moment of each one. When we only focus on now, on the doing, we stay conscious and thoughts are silent.

We can focus on the doing and not the outcome, which means enjoying the moment and not stressing about the entire journey.

Outcomes in life

The past is only the guide to future if we live in the past and project into the future based on past experience.

If we silence our mind and just observe it, without energising our thoughts, then thoughts subside and we can be present in this moment. This allows us to focus on just what we are doing now, and nothing else.

From within our essence will flow what we need to do in any given moment, and thus will not be sabotaged by the thoughts of what may have occurred before, which have no relevance to now. What happened before no longer exists and cannot, therefore, affect any outcome now, unless we allow it to.

Equally, if we focus on the outcome and not the doing now, then our projections into the future of the likely outcome of our doing lead to the mind sabotaging. Again, the future is not real and does not exist.

If we stop basing our current real-life action now, this exact moment, on the fantasy of the future, and the non-existent past, then all we do now will be as we choose and manifest it to be, now. It will come from within our soul and being, free from negative sabotaging thought.

The only outcome that matters is what actually happens now, as now is the only reality that ever exists and ever will. We can not do in the past or the future, only now.