More ends up being less

We put so much pressure on ourselves to reach perfection and get everything done that we actually end up doing less or nothing.

The pressure creates uncertainty and in turn, we end up jumping around from one thing to another and then not doing any of them well as we are only focused on the outcome and not the doing. We are stuck in our minds and therefore we are distracted and not giving the thing we are doing our full attention.

It becomes a vicious circle as we complete fewer tasks and we do not do them well, it then creates more work to correct things. In addition, we become more stressed as we feel we are failing and falling further behind.

Less ends up being more and more ends up being less. The less we aim to do, the less pressure we have, we focus more on the actual thing we are doing, so we enjoy doing it, we do it better and get a positive lift from finishing something. That then encourages to start something else, rather than put it off.

When we focus on the outcome, that is where our energy goes and as an outcome is future based and thus uncertain it creates anxiety and stress, which affect what we do now. When we focus on one simple task now, that is where the energy goes, we enjoy it and do it well.

Simply put, just do one thing now and think of nothing…just enjoy.

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