When we let go

All the things we cling to, all the things we try to will to happen, all the things or people that are gone, all the past that we mentally try to change…when we let go we are free.

The universe doesn’t always give you what you want but it gives you what you need. You just need to let go.

Caring about everything

Letting go brings us the most peace in life yet is one of the most challenging things to do. We are attached to so much from people, places, possessions, opinions and much more. The attachment makes it an extension of our own ego and therefore the mind must react to protect and preserve.

We are conditioned to care about everything and be always right no matter what. Really, it doesn’t matter.

Pause, breathe and let go. The instant reaction is always from the ego. Acceptance of ‘what is’ leads to inner peace and if we act, as we may choose not to, it’s from that place of peace and calm, free of attachment and free of suffering.

Letting go is the route to consciousness, peace and joy.