What we become

I get angry, it’s OK.

I get frustrated, it’s OK.

I cry, it’s OK.

I get fearful, it’s OK.

I suffer anxiety, it’s OK.

I get sad, it’s OK.

I get all kinds of emotions, it’s OK.

If we accept who we are, where we are at in our journey, our emotions, our thoughts, our level of consciousness and surrender to them all, then all of those emotions are ok, let them be. They have then space to be and to fade as all things do.

If we let them be, they pass, if we resist them, we become them.

Real choice

Everything is a choice we make now.

Whatever we choose it will shape what comes and we can choose a different outcome whenever we wish.

However, it is our mind and the story of ‘little me’ that prohibits that freedom to choose whenever we wish. It sabotages with thoughts and our ego prohibits our freedom.

Consciousness allows the mind to be still and silent, when we are aware of our environment, our breath, our inner energy, the thoughts become silent. Then our soul and essence are free and able to manifest whatever in this present moment.

Real choice is a freedom that comes from being conscious.