It’s all lies

Inside our bubble of the same opinions we do not hear the voice of the other bubble.

This is where the human race is right now, in multiple bubbles not hearing a word of what anyone says if they aren’t from our bubble of opinions.

Fear of even being slightly contaminated by another contrary view leads the members of one bubble to wage hate-fuelled war on the other contrary group.

There is no longer any open respectful debate just hatred of anything different to our view.

The bubble cries out ‘it’s all a lie’ and where does this leave human race?

Fearful, hateful and lacking any compassion, empathy or understanding of our fellow human.

Bursting the bubble takes courage and vulnerability, we have to let go of our egos and listen to the others and understand them first, before we have any chance of them wanting to understand us. We have to be brave enough to be first and not wait for others to burst their bubble.

The alternative is staying stuck in our hate-filled bubble echoing only our own voice.

Who hears the voice?

Who hears the voice in the head? When your mind creates a mental form of a thought, who hears it?

You…the real essence, spirit, soul, being, you hear it. Yet we believe in our unconscious state that we are the mind, we are our thoughts. We are not, the mind is just a part of us, the same as our ear is or finger or heart. Yet, most people, for most of their lives live out the story in their minds, they believe they are their thoughts and self-made story and ego. The voice has become so compelling and as it there constantly, it becomes the norm and we become it.

Once you realise it is you who hears the voice in the head, then you realise that you are not your thoughts, you are a greater consciousness and intelligence beyond the mind. We are the observer, a higher consciousness, we are the essence of life.

To realise this, you simply have to be the silent witness to your thoughts and do not energise them. When a thought comes, just listen, do not respond, do not energise it and like any form it rises and then goes. Thoughts that are not energised dissolve and disappear. We can choose to disassociate ourselves from them.

Once we realise this, then we are no longer dominated by our thoughts…we are free.

We are consciousness that is our pure essence.