What’s the plan?

When we get to planning our lives and setting goals we are focused on work and money thanks to the conditioning of parents, school, government and employers.

This is in the belief if we work hard, get promoted, earn more money eventually we’ll have enough money to afford the lifestyle we want and become happy.


Plan to live a life based around what really matters, like friends, family, learning, adventure, love, kindness, sharing, giving without conditions, so things that enrich us and really matter.

Sure there is a need to work and earn money, but the happier, more mindful, living in the present moment we are, with great relationships, life adventures and spiritually good things the better our life will be and of course our work.

No one will reach the end of their journeys and say ‘I wish I had worked harder’.

Spend some time planning to live and then enjoy every moment that you are living.

I’m locking myself in a room

Thursday and Friday I’m locking myself in a room.

It’s not an experiment to see what kidnapping might be like. It is to focus.

Not to make a plan for the next 12 months but just for the next 12 weeks.

Anything longer than that is pointless and I am going to have just 2 or 3 main areas that I am focusing on.

It’s part of the 12-Week Year by Brian Moran a great book that compliments deep work so well.

My focus for the next 12 weeks is my new project The Deep Work Project which amazingly is all about focusing.

We all need time once a week, once a month, once a quarter to plan and to plan properly. It doesn’t mean I’ll succeed, but I’ll get a lot closer than I would without anything written down.

I’ve had a good break now, I’ve switched off, shut down, and most importantly it has been guilt free. That’s something I have finally learnt at 51, guilt-free downtime and leisure time enables me not to resent work-related tasks.

Amazingly, when you do decide to lock yourself away, switch off the phone, close off the distractions of the internet and get out some good old-fashioned Sharpies and paper, you can really get into your flow, be creative and focus.

This is the very core of deep work, it is building the ‘muscle’ of concentration and allowing ourselves to do our very best work.

Like everything this is a work in progress, I am the world champion at procrastination and it is a long slog to the nirvana of concentration but it’s a journey, not a sprint.