Open the show

We often get convinced by our mind to view life as like a series of rehearsals before we actually get round to life. Like a practice run, nearly always in the mind, setting out all the outcomes of doing something, instead of actually doing it.

We put things off, because of fear, and wait for the right time! Of course, the only right time is now as no other time exists beyond our minds.

Amazingly, we can only ever do things now, in this moment…that is the only time life is actually real, the rest is imaginary or memories of the past.

Yet we are always planning to be doing things other than doing them now. We schedule them into plans, endless plans and re-written plans. All of it to avoid actually doing.

We are here just once, why wait? Why rehearse these things in our minds? Why be worried about the fear of doing? Whatever happens, we can always deal with it.

We never know beyond now, so we just don’t know what might happen so there is no point in fearing it or speculating about it…it will be what it will be. Changing the focus to the doing now stops the thinking and worrying about the outcome.

Stop rehearsing and open the show…the world is waiting for you.