Planning and how it is counter-productive

Planning has its place, however, when planning becomes the focus, the doing becomes second place. Often, the doing never gets done, as the planning obsession creates the psychological fear that always sabotages action.

Planning is by the very nature a mind-construct of the fiction that is the future, a thought in our head. The future always creates uncertainty, as it is not now, not real and not known. So when we focus on it all the time then it sabotages.

When we get sucked into the planning, it actual becomes a diversion, an excuse, a get-out from the doing. This because excessive thinking has created doubt and anxiety.

The joy of doing something in this moment, the only time we can do anything, then builds the habit of wanting to do more. Whereas planning does the opposite, it creates thought, which creates hesitancy, which then creates further thought and so the cycle continues.

A quick plan, and then back to the present moment, and do it now. Anything more is counter-productive.

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