There is bad news everywhere

There is bad news everywhere.

Rarely do people look for good news, strangely.

I wonder how early humans coped without news, particularly bad news 24/7. Perhaps they simply enjoyed their lives and did not feel the need for drama.

Also, I have never been able in my life to change any news, including the bad. Accepting what is and realising it has already happened enables us to be at peace, even if we are not necessarily happy. Our dealing with situations is much better too when we do not label things good or bad, we accept them and deal with the situation.

Bad news will always be there if that’s what you need.

No news is good news


News is a tool used for compliance, through the creation of fear that leads to a reliance on the system that will save us.

We do not need saving from manufactured fear, we need to be brave and switch it off, so we can concentrate on tuning into the inspiration that is our own fears. Be bold with our own real fears not frightened by artificially created news.

Our fears, if we choose can lead us to greatness. The things we fear in our own lives is the compass to guide us, as we fear most the things that matter the most.

News is other peoples created fear to keep us as cogs in the system.