Living is a risk

The best thing about not knowing if it will work or not is that, the uncertainty of any outcome make the risk of doing it exciting.

The mind wants certainties, it doesn’t want our ego at risk. It wants it to work or it will sabotage.

The whole point of being is to have experience and experiences will only come through risking failure, we learn from that and the challenges of risk.

Comfort is the same as dying only we have to suffer a long drawn out lifetime of pain of not taking the risk.

Living is a risk.

If we knew

If we knew what was in store for us in life next then there would be no point.

We are sold certainty and there is a never-ending obsession with wanting to take away all risk and sanitise everything.

The magic and wonder of life unfold in the present moment where there is a risk, an certainty, the unknown.

The more we try to protect the less life has to offer.