Take off the restraining bolt

The droids in Star Wars had restraining bolts fitted so they couldn’t stray and had to do as they were told.

In life, we willingly fit our own restraining bolt and create our own rules in our head to stop us from doing what we fear.

If we are prepared to see that the fear is the guide to things that matter, then we can take off our restraining bolt.

It’s our choice to deny, restrict and stop ourselves.

Live unrestrained by you.


"Enjoyment" by Philip Dodson
“Enjoyment” by Philip Dodson

Think of all the things that you enjoy doing.

Walking the dog, going for a walk, painting, singing, travelling, laughing, cooking, talking, writing and so on.

Spend your life doing what you enjoy.

All too often fear keeps us stuck in a discomfort zone where we deny ourselves the things we enjoy.

Enjoyment is an important part of the journey we have.