Round and round we go

Often in life, without being aware of it, our journeys go in circles, following the exact same path back to the same starting point every day.

We tread the same well-worn road.

Then we wonder why we do not reach our destinations.

It’s not the destination that is the challenge it is the routes we take.

If you do not find what you are looking for try another path.

It’s a choice we can all make.

The paths of life


There are many paths in life to choose from all of which we decide.

Once we go down a particular path there is always a thought that the other path might have been better.

Who knows? It might also have been worse, something we rarely consider.

Whatever path we choose, we decide where it goes and what it leads to.

Often though we expect the path to tell us, it won’t, it is us that decides our destination.

The problem is we tangle the path with ‘weeds’ of fear, over-thinking and complication. Blaming the path we choose not taking responsibility ourselves.

Clear your path, it’s your choice.

Go to whatever destination you want as there is a path to everywhere you just have to make the path clear.