What we feel like

What we feel is exactly that, it is what we feel and does not need to be justified to others or most importantly to ourselves. We do not need to analyse it or get permission.

When we feel like having a ‘lazy’ day that’s OK, or when we do not feel that we want to do a particular thing or we feel we want to eat something…whatever it is, it’s OK. Equally, it’s Ok to feel sad, or to feel unhappy or whatever. It is the resistance as well as the analysis that causes the suffering within.

If we engage with our mind and the story of ‘little me’ then what we feel has to be analysed and checked to see if it fits the story, the image, the ego and so on. Thus we torment ourselves and override our feelings.

It just doesn’t matter, go with what you feel, enjoy the moment and enjoy whatever it is. Feelings come in the present moment from the soul and it just is, accept them.