What happens when we tell ourselves the wrong story?

All of our lives we tell ourselves stories internally based on what we think or what others think about us, even though in the case of others we do not actually know what they think unless they tell us. We take what others say about us or do to us and then we create stories in our heads as to what we are, who we are, what we are like, what we are good at and most often, what we are not good at. We create these lenses of self-judgement and create whole stories based on them.

The common thing about these stories is that they are not true, they are based on the temporary mental creation of others and our own minds, with absolutely no substance to them whatsoever.

From these stories, we then create a self-image about ourselves and then we think, believe and act based on them. Total insanity.

Even more insane, we do this all our lives if we do not wake up to the fact that they are utter nonsense. 

We are what we believe we are and therefore, we have the choice as to what story we are going to tell ourselves and what we choose to take from others. It does not matter what others think we are or say we are, it does not matter what happened before, it is just the past, simply that and no longer relevant.

We are what we believe ourselves to be right now this moment and when we are conscious and awake, we are alive in this moment now. There is no need for any stories then or roles to act out. We are simply being, being our truer authentic self, which comes from our soul and is not something that comes from the mind or the views of others.

When we tell ourselves the wrong story, we live an unreal, false life, trapped within our minds and the minds of others. We live an inauthentic life and we suffer from not being.

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