“Winter” by Philip Dodson


Crunch crunch crunch
Across the icy field
Sinking into the soft snow below
The bite of the cruel wind

The sun glints off the crust
The deer sneaks through the forest
The robin’s red breast against the white
The chill of the cold

Yet here we are
Winter is another new beginning
The death that leads to life
Spring will come

Buds will bloom again
For now, enjoy now
The cold is beautiful
The ice is fresh
Winter wow, love it

A winter walk


Today is a special day, a day when for most the world stops it’s daily grind and people come together.

We give gifts, we eat together, we watch favourite films, play games, laugh and have fun.

Amongst it all, it’s great to take a break, away from the festive celebrations and take a winter walk in the woods.

The peace of this day can truly be appreciated walking out among nature and away from the hustle.

Merry Christmas, enjoy the time with the people who matter, remember we are together with them for a limited time, cherish the ones you love.