Closed for repairs

It’s good for us all to shut up shop.

Switch it all off.

Close the blinds, pull the duvet over and say ‘screw you world’.

Not often, but every so often, this allows a chance to breath, to relax, to be without any cares. A time to recharge a little, think, review, and allow some of the tensions of life to escape.

It’s even good to break the mundaneness of life’s rituals and routines.

Regularly, of course, it’s bad. But once in a blue moon, it’s good to be ‘closed for repairs’.

Doing nothing


There are times when we go away, and we feel that because we have gone to visit a place, that there is this need to be out and about. To go to all the local attractions, to visit this and that.

Sure that is fun to do, and that is what we do most times that we go somewhere.

However, it is good once in a while in life to do nothing of any importance or time related, to sit and watch the world go by, or just go for a slow walk on the beach with the dog, or to skim stones on the waves, or sit and read. Even just put your feet up and watch a film or take a snooze.

All too often there is a pressure on us to be busy doing something for every day.

It is good sometimes to be busy doing nothing at all. The simple things in life are often the most rewarding to the soul.

So if you’ve been busy all year, then give yourself a rest now and then, and just do nothing.