Nothing at all

We rush around all day long, every day, in our minds, stressing, worrying, full of angst…then it’s over! A whole lifetime went passed and we didn’t stop to notice it or enjoy it. Busy doing something but really nothing that mattered very much. We are conditioned to always be busy and if we are not the conditioning makes us feel guilty. ‘I must work harder’ we’ll tell ourselves.

When was the last time you switched off the phone, closed the laptop, stayed in your PJs and did nothing, just chilled on the sofa, read a book, had a bath, went for a walk, ate your favourite cake or perhaps even baked it?

Take days off for nothing at all.

Back to bed

Sometimes…we just need to change the routine, do a different route to work, have a different tea in the morning, change the washing powder, not do our exercises, have a slice of cake instead of an apple…whatever it is, we need a break some days.

Habits and discipline are all well and good, but we can become stale and lacking in new things. It is often the small things that matter much more than the so-called ‘bigger’ things. That’s why a couple of small changes regularly here and there can help us to keep our momentum on life going without the need to come to a crashing halt because we have burnt out. Small steps taken often add up to the bigger thing, but not always on the same path and not without a break.

Some days it’s also good just to say ‘fuck it’ and get back in bed. The mind says ‘that’s terrible, you must get up, there are things to do’ and then we feel guilty about being in bed and don’t get the benefit of switching off. Don’t feel guilt, some days it’s good to do nothing and not even think about it.

OK, back to bed.