The 3 L’s of life


Inspired by a Buddha quote I read yesterday, there is a simple formula that can help us achieve joy and happiness in life.

Love is the number one ‘L’ of life. Instinctively we would love rather than hate, however, all so often in life we are conditioned to react with judgement, anger, hatred and we suppress that instinct. Do not resist the urge to love, to be kind, to be grateful, to be empathetic. Love is the most special feeling in life and yet we resist it or are fearful of it, or we laugh at it and think it is somehow silly.

The 2nd ‘L’ is live, live life to the full, do not hold back on things, do not be held back your views or the views of others, do what makes you happy and go out and live without restrictions. In the process be mindful of being kind and compassionate with yourself and others. As the saying goes ‘live gently’. What you give to you and the world, will be what you get back. Live.

The last one is so important for a peaceful and happy life. Learn to let go. This is possibly the biggest challenge that we all face. It comes from being able to forgive yourself and others. It comes from realising that some things or people are not for us and you have to let go. It is also realising that nearly all things are not a matter of life and death, so let them go. The more we hold onto stuff, the more the frustration, anger and negativity grow.

Don’t push things or people away in life that meant for us, equally don’t hold onto things or people that are not meant to be, just let them go.

Love, live and let go.