In these challenging times, it is even more important for the human race to come together and to reach out to each other with kindness, empathy and understanding. We live in hate-fuelled times and we have been divided up into our bubbles of hatred where there is no tolerance of a differing view.

Always, as things get darker, so they always get lighter, the Yin and Yang, the balance of nature and the universe. The darker it becomes the lighter it becomes too.

We can accelerate this process of it getting lighter, each and every one of us, by reaching out to our neighbours, our community, without judgement by spreading our light, love and kindness. We do not have to do anything big, we just have to step across the street and be kind to someone nearby. Small steps make big changes and we can all make a difference right now. We can step away from fear and its hate and we can choose to stop judging one another and our individual choices.

It’s a choice we can all make now and forget our differences, and become one against what lies ahead for humanity.

Build on your own land

Might be an obvious thing to say, however, many still build on someone else’s land.

Building on other’s land is a risky strategy as you have no control over where you are gaining your business from. What if Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or whatever platform/network change, close, or you can not get access to? So if you only have your content, community, ads, call to action, the source of leads and customers on other people’s platforms then do not be too surprised if suddenly your business changes.

If however, you see them as very useful tools to drive people to your own land i.e. your website, inbox, newsletter sign up and face to face contact, then you are building your business on your own land that you have ownership and control.

Amazing how much we trust that things will be there forever when no one can predict what will happen beyond 12 months.