Things and pain

When we attach ourselves to things, as in my car, my plant, my phone, my whatever…when something bad happens to that thing, then we feel the pain as if it was us that was scratched or stolen or broken.

Things are just things, not to be owned or attached to. All things, including ourselves, are temporary forms that will come and go.

Let go of attachment and pain goes. We can still have things, take care of them, appreciate them, enjoy them, but when we don’t personalise and attach ourselves to them, we don’t suffer when they go.


Walk away, step away from the ‘package’, let go, let it pass through, leave it, accept others, accept what is, surrender…they are the best painkillers we can ever have. No prescription required. Internally nothing can bother us until we choose to make it so.

Pain comes when we allow the external world of others and their behaviour, words, choices, actions and the internal world of our thoughts to bother us within. When we energise them that creates emotion in our bodies, turbulence. This causes mental and physical pain.