Brighten by your example

Sharing your light with others
Sing your song so others can hear the beauty of your voice
Write your book so we can wonder at the lovely story
Dance your steps for others to enjoy

Make art for others to cherish
Create your ideas for others to behold
Be you and shine among us
Share your kindness for life around

We all have a bright light inside
Collectively we can shine
Together the world can be one
The light always takes away the dark

Share your bright light
Don’t fear what others will say
We have only one time to shine
Don’t miss your chance to brighten by your example


Over time things all become faded if we allow.

Pictures, curtains, paintwork, memories and much more.

It is up to us to keep things shining brightly or not. As ever, a choice.

Memories fade like pictures if you let them.

Cherish the memories that matter, record them in some way and keep going back to them.

Our past matters too, as it is filled with more good than bad.