Shine bright like a star

Whether it’s day, night, cloudy or clear the stars, moon and sun are always spreading their light.

It is the same with the light inside us, it burns brightly from our soul from the moment we’re born to the day we die.

If we silence our mind and focus on the light we’ll feel it and so will the world. If we are unconscious in our never ending thoughts, we’ll miss it and so will everyone else.

Shine bright like a star in this moment.

Pebbles on a beach

Pebbles on the beach
Thousands of them
Millions of them
There they are
Pilled up

Pebbles on the beach
Waiting for the tide
When the tide comes
Water will cover them
They will shine

Pebbles on the beach
The tide goes
The sun comes
The water evaporates
They no longer shine

Pebbles on the beach
We can all be
Waiting for something
Waiting for it
To make us shine

There among the pebbles
A beautiful shell
It’s different
It doesn’t need water
It shines itself

We can believe
We are a pebble
We can believe we are a shell
It is a choice we make
Shine your light