The girl from Ipanema

When Astrud Gilberto sings this song it conjures up vivid images of Rio and the Copacabana more than any other version.

It’s a timeless classic and especially when she’s singing in Brazilian it’s truly unique. Despite its many covers this is the version that people love and remember.

With the things that matter to us, we need to be the stand out classic that will make an impact, that will bring our message to life and not some cover that people can take or leave.

Anonymous blogging


A perfect way to overcome the fear of starting something.

Just one more layer to peel off the procrastination onion.

Sooner or later, you’ll realise with over 200 million blogs sites to choose from, that it is unlikely that you’ll be a global hit. Who knows, you may be, but you’ll only be if you share what really matters to you and you say what you really think.

Your voice matters, to you and to others like you, who will find you and love what you have to say. Especially, if you take the risk of being 100% you and saying something that is controversial, something that stands out.

The others who don’t get what you have to say or don’t like it, they don’t matter.

We are not here for everyone, so shout your name out and be proud of what you have to say.

But, if it helps you get started, then hide your name until you get comfortable.

My view is, write for yourself, then you’ll write your best stuff, ignore the comments and stats. Create your best work free from the fear of the critic.

Put your name to your work.