Do it as you go

Today’s blog is a simple life tip.

Deal with things as you go along.

I decided to sort out 20 years of home filing today.

I spent hours recycling, then an hour with the shredder, then when that kept over heating, the sensitive stuff had to go one page at a time onto the bbq.

Three bank accounts, 5 different utility bills, phone bills, council tax statements, pensions, ISAs and so on, for 20 years.

Never again.

Open the post, decide to keep or recycle/shred. Repeat everytime post arrives. Once every 6 months clear the file and repeat.

Amazing at any age you keep learning new lessons.

Just keep the absolute minimum of anything.


Over time things all become faded if we allow.

Pictures, curtains, paintwork, memories and much more.

It is up to us to keep things shining brightly or not. As ever, a choice.

Memories fade like pictures if you let them.

Cherish the memories that matter, record them in some way and keep going back to them.

Our past matters too, as it is filled with more good than bad.