What is love?

Love is something that comes from the soul, it isn’t an emotion. Emotion, Greek for turbulence, are the chemical manifestation in the body of what is happening our egoic mind.

As a true human soul our pure essence is love, we are love. Therefore love is not conditional it is unconditional as it is our default operating system as a spiritual being.

Neediness and infatuation are what the mind tricks us into to believing love is. We meet someone, there is a physical infatuation, their story matches ours and two minds fall in ‘love’. This then develops into a longer relationship of dependency, neediness and place a burden on the other to provide happiness and fulfilment. Of course, this works all the time the neediness is served.

Then the physical infatuation wanes, the other expectations aren’t met and the two minds that feel in love breakdown and issues happen. Often leading to one the minds seeking fulfilment through another, only to find that inevitably the same challenge occurs sometime later. The lack of happiness then leads to deny ‘love’ to the other and often involves punishment.

Love can never be taken away. Love is totally without conditions and when we allow our light from within to shine and we disassociate with the egoic story and let go of the neediness the love will always previal.

It’s important to realise that neediness and dependency, what we mistake as love, is always destined to bring suffering for ourselves and the others within our relationships.

We are love not the story in our mind. We are always worthy of love from ourselves as we are all born worthy as a human soul and we end our physical journey as that same soul. Love is not defined by anything.