It’s not others

If we believe people are out to get us, or bad, or snooty, or noisy, or whatever we think…then that’s what we will experience from others.

If we think our boss or partner is the source of our unhappiness and problems, that’s what will happen.

The challenge is, that if we change jobs, or get a new partner or move to a new place, unless we change, then the new boss, new partner or new neighbours will be exactly the same.

It’s not others, it’s us.

Dreading tomorrow

If we are consistently dreading the next day, especially on a Sunday, then it isn’t time to do another job.

If we change jobs, the same issues within will continue at the new job.

If we do not like our home life and partner, changing our partner will not change our situation.

All change is related to change within us. We create our own reality of our life.

If we dread something or someone, the only way it will change is if we change ourselves.