An unattached life

When we attach ourselves mentally and within to people, things, places, our views, our thoughts and story, then when something affects any of that, then we suffer. Pain comes and we feel as if it is the same as someone or something injuring us.

By not being attached to them through our mind and mental forms, thoughts, then we are free, we are at peace inside and the suffering stops. The ego creates attachment and dependency, it controls us and tries to control others.

Being unattached does not mean that we do not care, it simply means we choose not to suffer inside. In fact, our lack of dependency on things, people, views etc, liberates us to be able to allow our true essence to be and to be able to shine our light for others.

It does not mean we can not have relationships, friends, be with others or have things, it means we can have all of them but without pain that a mental attachment places. It is free from the egoic state of the mind that depends on things, people etc for our happiness.

Dependency and attachment burden us and brings that burden and our suffering to others too.

An unattached life, conscious and free from suffering will enable our soul to shine for us and other souls.

We imprison ourselves

We build a life through our own imagined self-image and imprison ourselves in it. We stay stuck in jobs, with friends, with partners and so on, fearing to break free, fearing to upset, fearing to be our true selves. We go against our true self, we resist it, we allow ourselves to be trapped in our self-created imaginary life.

We become attached to things and people, and even when we instinctively want to do something or get rid of something, we stay trapped in the attachment we have built. We do not accept that every form is temporary and we are flowing on a journey. Not everything has to be there forever, we can move on from things, people, jobs and so on.

Freedom is being truly ourselves and not being attached or dependent on things or others.