A deeper life

Superficial likes.








Meanness to others.

Shallowness, because we want to fit in, to be popular, to be in the crowd. This behaviour has to be learned.

We can choose as a human race to teach ourselves to live a deeper, richer life. To unlearn the mean society we have collectively created and allowed.

We could choose to be kind, be compassionate, be giving, be empathetic and be loving.

Think, say and do only good things.

After all, none of us like to be on the receiving end of shallow self-centred behaviour.

We can all choose to be strong and be the change we want to see.

Don’t fit in.

It takes courage but the world needs all of us to be part of the change, to do our bit.

We don’t have to be fearful of setting boundaries, being the person we really are, having the courage to be different. If we are brave and be ourselves, then the right people will be attracted to us and it will inspire others to follow.

No good waiting for others and no good being shallow just to fit in.

Who’s in for living a deeper life?



Throughout life, we allow demons to live in our heads.

These are created by the ‘truths’ we tell ourselves about ourselves. Usually not based on much, other than our own fears, or a comments someone else made, that we let affect the view we have of ourselves.

Then habitually we tell ourselves these so-called truths. Then the resulting beliefs, and actions based on those beliefs, wrongly become reality.

How do we exorcise these demons?

Not by ignoring them, hoping that we can bury them and they will go away.

Often, when the demon has been caused by taking other people’s views of us as the ‘truth’, then there is a temptation to prove them wrong.

That again is not a recipe for successfully exorcising that demon either. This accepting that their judgement was right and then we behave according to that and not how we really are, it only serves to confirm that so-called truth. It makes us behave in a way that is not the real us.

In order to deal with any demon, you have to firstly want to make that change for you and not for others. You have to also work out why that demon is wrong and why you want to change it, what do you want the real truth to be. You have to say ‘that is not the truth about me and I don’t accept it’.

When you realise that you have allowed others to tell you, or you have simply accepted, that you are doing something wrong, or you are not worthy, or a particular judgement was right, then you will be able to challenge it.

Once you have your strong reason why you want to change and what to, then the rest is a question of step by step creating a new truth. That is all to do with the habits of how we talk to ourselves and what we will allow ourselves to accept from ourselves and others.

Build the truths about you that you want, not what others tell you.