A deeper life

Superficial likes.








Meanness to others.

Shallowness, because we want to fit in, to be popular, to be in the crowd. This behaviour has to be learned.

We can choose as a human race to teach ourselves to live a deeper, richer life. To unlearn the mean society we have collectively created and allowed.

We could choose to be kind, be compassionate, be giving, be empathetic and be loving.

Think, say and do only good things.

After all, none of us like to be on the receiving end of shallow self-centred behaviour.

We can all choose to be strong and be the change we want to see.

Don’t fit in.

It takes courage but the world needs all of us to be part of the change, to do our bit.

We don’t have to be fearful of setting boundaries, being the person we really are, having the courage to be different. If we are brave and be ourselves, then the right people will be attracted to us and it will inspire others to follow.

No good waiting for others and no good being shallow just to fit in.

Who’s in for living a deeper life?

Don’t be bullied out of your opinions, your not a conspiracist

We seem to live now in a world where there is one acceptable opinion or view of something, often dictated by the media or the establishment.

It takes bravery to have a different view as you are often labelled a conspiracist or a threat or just plain weird.

But we need different opinions, whatever they are, as just accepting everything and only having one voice heard seems weird, conspiratorial and dangerous.

If you have a different view, don’t be bullied out of it.