Don’t be bullied out of your opinions, your not a conspiracist

We seem to live now in a world where there is one acceptable opinion or view of something, often dictated by the media or the establishment.

It takes bravery to have a different view as you are often labelled a conspiracist or a threat or just plain weird.

But we need different opinions, whatever they are, as just accepting everything and only having one voice heard seems weird, conspiratorial and dangerous.

If you have a different view, don’t be bullied out of it.

It only comes in black


Henry Ford famously said ‘you can have any color you like, as long as it’s black’.

He only made black cars as the paint dried faster, so more could be produced. It also made the whole process that much more simple and productive. Thus more profitable.

We do not want mass anymore and the internet has allowed us to seek out and promote to the weird that we all possess.

Now you can get pretty much anything you desire.

That has created a new challenge. Finding your customers in the mass of choice and shades of grey. No more black and white means having to create something truly remarkable and different that customers really want.

Don’t go for safe, bland, mass and homogenised. It’s been done.

Small is the new big. But it is no easier to be a small shot than it was to be a big shot.