Here’s to the true spirited

The people who are different, the ones that go the opposite way to the crowds, the heretics, the ones brave enough to be vulnerable and speak their truth from their soul without fear of others are nearly always dismissed and in some cases persecuted and in extremes killed by the ‘mob’.

However, it is better to be brave enough to be vulnerable, to be lambasted ,to walk in the wilderness on a lonely path, and even to be hated by all, rather than to live a life fearing others judgement and suffering not being our true selves. People fear the egotistical calamity of actually having to admit their shame and being wrong, so they override their true essence to save face.

Here’s to the rebel, the heretics, the crazy ones, the brave and true spirited. Keep being true to yourself.

A change of mind


Often we get paralysed by fear, especially when it comes to changing our mind about something.

We feel that if we change our mind and do not go ahead with something, especially when we have shared that plan out loud with the world, that we are being weak and that others will judge us. We will feel like we are unable to complete something.

Actually to change your mind and to change direction is brave, strong and requires the ability to admit that the path wasn’t for you.

We are all human and we make decisions based on what we know up to the point that the decision is made. It is based on our emotions and mindset at the point.

Naturally they alter over time and we can change our mindset, emotions and encounter new experiences and knowledge that lead to a new direction or path.

We can make the rules for our lives and that means we can change them and adapt them to what suits us. It is our choice and not that of others. Other people can make their choices too, but to not change because of what others make think will only hold us back from doing what is right for us.

The weaker and less analytical plough on regardless often through fear and often because they haven’t yet realised that change is needed. Doing something different is how we progress.