Here’s to the true spirited

The people who are different, the ones that go the opposite way to the crowds, the heretics, the ones brave enough to be vulnerable and speak their truth from their soul without fear of others are nearly always dismissed and in some cases persecuted and in extremes killed by the ‘mob’.

However, it is better to be brave enough to be vulnerable, to be lambasted ,to walk in the wilderness on a lonely path, and even to be hated by all, rather than to live a life fearing others judgement and suffering not being our true selves. People fear the egotistical calamity of actually having to admit their shame and being wrong, so they override their true essence to save face.

Here’s to the rebel, the heretics, the crazy ones, the brave and true spirited. Keep being true to yourself.

Now is the greatest moment to speak up


How many times do we agree with something in life, simply because it is more comfortable to agree, than to say what we truly believe?

It is hard to take a different path, to be the one who stands out, to be the heretic.

It has become so much harder, in a world where the accepted view point is thrust upon us from every direction, and if you dare to speak up, then you are ridiculed. The world has become almost one voice, one culture, sanitised and compliant.

Interestingly though, as a reaction to this, gradually, more people are crying out for different, often to break up the monotony, or simply because they have started to question the ‘truths’ that we have been told. They have started to question the equation of a life of slavery in return for trinkets.

Now is the greatest single moment in time to speak up and be heard.

Why? because it is different, different will be the new safe, and hardly any one does.

Make your mark on the world, speak up.