Here’s to the true spirited

The people who are different, the ones that go the opposite way to the crowds, the heretics, the ones brave enough to be vulnerable and speak their truth from their soul without fear of others are nearly always dismissed and in some cases persecuted and in extremes killed by the ‘mob’.

However, it is better to be brave enough to be vulnerable, to be lambasted ,to walk in the wilderness on a lonely path, and even to be hated by all, rather than to live a life fearing others judgement and suffering not being our true selves. People fear the egotistical calamity of actually having to admit their shame and being wrong, so they override their true essence to save face.

Here’s to the rebel, the heretics, the crazy ones, the brave and true spirited. Keep being true to yourself.

Staying on the bus

‘Staying on the bus’ by Philip Dodson

Staying on the bus.

Staying silent.

Looking away.

Closing our eyes.

Not speaking up.

Doing nothing.

Not wanting to cause a fuss.

These are our choices to things that challenge our moral sense of right or wrong, that challenge our worldview, our values, our sense of what is decent human behaviour.

Staying on the bus is easier but it has consequences and we will all have to be responsible and live with them often some way in the future when perhaps we regret our choices.

But there is an option, jump off the bus, speak out, listen and understand the other view and then do something inspiring to influence change.

Leaders do not look away or stay on the bus.