Fear of change

So WordPress has changed, well a while back, and because I couldn’t find something where it was before on the new block editor, I always choose the classic editor. I feared the change because my mind had told me ‘it’s too hard and you’ll mess it up and lose readers and look like an idiot.

Today, I came to do my blog and there was no longer the choice for the old school classic editor, so I had to change and the thing I was looking for was easily found.

So why did I listen to my mind and fear the change? Well, mindset and conditioning.

I still haven’t got the Grammarly app to work on the new block editor, but that’s for another day.

Used to count the days

7 years of blogging completed today, well according to the notification that I received from WordPress.

There would have been a time when I was focused on the days, especially as I started to do daily blogs about 4-5 years ago. I would know exactly how many continuous days I had completed.

Then I said ‘Why am I doing this?’. If it was for completing ticks in a box of continuous days of blogging, then I should stop, if it is because it makes a difference to me, and perhaps others, then I could choose to continue.

I used to count the days, views, likes and any other stat, now I do this because it brings me joy, even if no one read it, I would carry on. It does enable me to share things that matter to me with others who may well appreciate them too.

To all, thank you for taking the time to stop by and read.