3 days at the Cabaret

OuiShare Fest 16, Cabaret  Sauvage Paris - Philip Dodson
OuiShare Fest 16, Cabaret Sauvage Paris – Philip Dodson

So for the last 3 days, I have been at the OuiShare Fest 16 in Paris, it’s another tough assignment!!

The event has been hosted at the Cabaret Sauvage situated on the banks of the Canal in Parc Villette and unlike many events/conferences/festivals that I have attended this has been really different.

I will be coming away from the event with a real positive energy, that I have picked up from talking to so many people who are creating something different.

The feeling of optimism about the future of the human race can be felt from all and the feeling of shared values, shared common purpose, there has been a real feeling of togetherness.

Most of our society is driven by fear, intolerance, judgement, hate, anger and that is created and fuelled like a disease by the established order. The order that hoards all the power, wealth, resources, media and government for the benefit of a tiny few. It is the industrialised system, that has turned the mass into interchangeable and disposable cogs in their machine, living a life of servitude to debt and living under an umbrella of fear and control.

It is the moment for the human race to turn that off, it is the moment to walk away from that all and come together and build an alternative, bypass the old OS. Build a new positive future for the human race focused on common good, focused on people and values.

We are living in a moment previously unimaginable to humans, where we can all now write our own book and publish it ourselves, we can broadcast on our own TV channel, we can share our message via a blog, social media, we can sing on our own ‘record label’, we each have the power to create whatever we want and share with whoever we want. We can use technology such as block chain to govern ourselves.

All of this has only happened in the last few years out of the 70,000 years it has taken homo sapiens to leave the plains of Africa to today. We are living in the most amazing times and none of us can predict just how much we can do, other than we have the power for the first time ever to become a single human race and govern ourselves for the good of all and turn our backs on greed, hate, fear, judgement, control and slavery.

What 3 days at the Cabaret have done for me, is to convince me to pursue my plans to be part of building that alternative.

I urge everyone to join in and help to create a world for all and not to be slaves to the tiny few.

Gifted and talented


My daughter was telling me today how her school has just had an assembly with top Universities for only the gifted and talented pupils.

But here are the question to think about, who decides what is ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’? What is the purpose of such a shaming exercise? What affect does this have on the remaining ‘ungifted’ and ‘talentless’?

Why is society unable to recognise that there is a gift within all of us, we are all geniuses in our own way, every single person has a talent.

It is because the education system is all part of the same crock of shit that we have all been fed. They are simply in the business of taking impressionable young children and turning them into compliant cogs for the ‘industrialised’ mass machine. In the process, they cream off the ‘gifted’, aka those likely to regurgitate information best in an examination, to syphon them into higher education and resulting life of slavery to debt and chasing a non-existent dream of wealth and happiness.

The myth makers have us all fooled by this and as we all pass through the ‘mangle’ we have our thoughts, curiosity and differences wrung out of us.

Gifted and talented is not only a con for those labelled it, but it is a shaming and humiliating experience for those not labelled such.

We surely need to question, what is education actually for? What is the outcome we are looking to achieve for the world, the human race?

Surely it is time to stop this indoctrinating process of turning our children into nothing more than compliant drones ready to step onto the treadmill of debt slavery, soulless employment and exchange of a meaningful existence for worthless consumption of trinkets and stuff of no value to anyone.

We don’t need their education and we don’t need to believe in this ‘gifted’ hoax.