You don’t fatten a pig by keep weighing it

I was talking to my friend Tom today and he used this brilliant quote to talk about the constant testing that is used in education. The same as you don’t fatten a pig by weighing it, you don’t educate children by keep on testing them.

Education in the last 100 years or less has all been about the industrialised machine preparing inter-changeable cogs for their ‘machine’. The standardised test in the US invented for that very thing to bring everyone to a satisfactory average level of competency in certain repetitive tasks so that the machine could continue to efficiently function. Take a look at Seth Godin’s ‘what is school for?’. A question that rarely, if ever, gets asked about the purpose of education.

Education across the globe is systematically on auto-pilot, with little thought about the suitability or usefulness of education, preparing people for a world that doesn’t exist.

You don’t fatten a pig by keep weighing it and you do not ever make things better by doing the same things.

Curiousness got the human race to now, our compliance and standardised education will halt any further progress because there will be no more rebels, no more heretics, no more people causing a stir or challenging the status quo.

Just a lot of regularly weighed unintelligent and compliant ‘pigs’.

Imagine if education was changed to exploration

What if we allowed children to explore rather than to be educated?

Currently, ‘education’ is about passing tests.

These tests were constructed by the system to prepare cogs for the industrialised machine to enable the owners of the machine to know that the cogs are of a certain ‘acceptable’ standard.

Testing roots out the thinkers, the crazies, the creative, the curious and shapes all for a lifetime of compliance. After all, who wants anyone to question anything, certainly not what school is for.

What if we scrapped the tests and allowed children to explore, to be curious, to be ‘crazy’, to find their meaning or purpose and then assist them to do that? Freedom to allow their imagination to roam, to day dream, to just try things and allow the magic to unfold.

Just an idea and surely better than keep producing cogs for somebody else’s machine.