We are one big ball of energy and when we come across other energies it affects our energy, positively and negatively.

Simple…but a major impact on our lives that most are not aware of.

Yet when is this taught to us? Where on the school curriculum is this covered? Why is it not discussed?

We are so engulfed by our minds and the story inside, that we aren’t aware of energies, vibrational frequencies, our own inner energy and impact all these things have on us.

We are amazingly still taught how to calculate the circumference of a circle though.


It starts from the moment we are born to the day we die. Parents, teachers, the media, society and so on, condition our minds to a certain judgement, agenda, viewpoint etc.

What if we didn’t condition the mind, for example, English people are conditioned, even still in the 21st Century, not to like French people because of historic wars in the middle ages!!! People who live in Bolivia are conditioned to think very differently to people in America.

We can make judgements of people who we have never met based on the conditioning of our mind. Insane, when you look at that in a conscious state.

People are born the same all over the world, and if we taught ourselves to stop this conditioning process we could change the human race within a few generations.

Strange how we do not teach consciousness, or I don’t remember love or empathy lessons at school, where do we teach patience, compassion, and acceptance?

The real person that we all are beyond the conditioning is not part of the insanity that our mind and the collective mind has created. It’s like a double life.