Gifted and talented


My daughter was telling me today how her school has just had an assembly with top Universities for only the gifted and talented pupils.

But here are the question to think about, who decides what is ‘gifted’ or ‘talented’? What is the purpose of such a shaming exercise? What affect does this have on the remaining ‘ungifted’ and ‘talentless’?

Why is society unable to recognise that there is a gift within all of us, we are all geniuses in our own way, every single person has a talent.

It is because the education system is all part of the same crock of shit that we have all been fed. They are simply in the business of taking impressionable young children and turning them into compliant cogs for the ‘industrialised’ mass machine. In the process, they cream off the ‘gifted’, aka those likely to regurgitate information best in an examination, to syphon them into higher education and resulting life of slavery to debt and chasing a non-existent dream of wealth and happiness.

The myth makers have us all fooled by this and as we all pass through the ‘mangle’ we have our thoughts, curiosity and differences wrung out of us.

Gifted and talented is not only a con for those labelled it, but it is a shaming and humiliating experience for those not labelled such.

We surely need to question, what is education actually for? What is the outcome we are looking to achieve for the world, the human race?

Surely it is time to stop this indoctrinating process of turning our children into nothing more than compliant drones ready to step onto the treadmill of debt slavery, soulless employment and exchange of a meaningful existence for worthless consumption of trinkets and stuff of no value to anyone.

We don’t need their education and we don’t need to believe in this ‘gifted’ hoax.

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