Walking away

If you walk away from an argument, if you resist a fight, if let go even when you do not agree, is that weakness? Or is, in fact, the very opposite?

We see arguing, fighting, being opinionated, aggression, dominating others and so on as strength. We see being ‘in-charge’ as leadership. Perhaps leadership is actually setting an example for others to be inspired by.

It is the weakness of the mind and the vulnerability of our self-image that causes us to fight, argue, become aggressive, behave badly to defend the things that do not matter and are in fact not real, but a fabrication of our minds. Minds fighting with other minds verbally and physically, and to what ends? A winner and loser. In fact, all parties suffer, there never needs to be a winner or a loser.

What if we could see walking away as a strength, would we have a better world?

Letting others help

If we think we are strong by never being weak it is, in fact, the opposite. To be strong and brave is to be vulnerable. Part of being vulnerable means letting others help us.

The other thing is if we do not let others help, not only is it a weakness for us but we are denying others the chance to feel the joy of helping others and all that it brings to them.